5 Cool Veggie's to Grow in Your Garden ...

Sometimes I end up picking out vegetables from the seed catalog just because they look cool. I may not even have thought about growing that particular type of vegetable, but the uniqueness of it inspired me to try it out. I’ve come across many neat plants in my lifetime. Here are 5 cool veggie’s to grow in your garden.

5. Armenian Cucumbers

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This cucumber is very long, slender, and somewhat misshapen when compared to traditional cucumbers. Some people know them as snake melon or snake cucumber. The color of these cucumbers is a much lighter green and the skin is a bit thinner than regular cucumbers people usually grow. It is closer to a melon than a cucumber.

4. Yellow Carrots

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Though yellow carrots have been around thousands of years, most people aren’t very familiar with them. The orange variety is much more common in gardens. Yellow carrots are said to have been around longer than orange carrots. Yellow and purple carrots are thought to have produced the mutated orange carrots of today.

3. Purple Hull Beans

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The outside looks like a long purple bean, but the inside contains little green beans with a purple spot. They are sort of a green and purple version of a black eyed pea. These beans even have a similar flavor to black eyed peas. Cooking time is short, but the hull is inedible.

2. Purple Potatoes

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Most people have potatoes with purple skins, but what about potatoes that are purple on the inside too? Potatoes with thin purple skins are known as red potatoes while purple potatoes are a dark violet color, inside and out. The amazing purple color is due to a powerful amount of antioxidants contained in these small potatoes.

1. White Tomatoes

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The hardest part about growing white tomatoes is knowing when they are ripe. There are different varieties, just as there are in the other colors of tomatoes. The taste is supposed to be very similar to that of red tomatoes.

If you’re looking for some very original plants to grow in your vegetable garden, why not try one of these cool plants mentioned above? I think they’d be fun to try at least once. These plants don’t require any special treatment, simply follow the planting instructions that come with the seeds or plants and go for it!

Top Photo Credit: kthread

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