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If it was up to me, I'd spend my entire summer outside in the garden. There are so many things to do besides tend to the seemingly endless number of weeds. The 5 activities to do in a garden that I've listed below are just some ideas I thought I'd share. They went over very well when I did them, so hopefully you will also get some enjoyment out of them.

5. Have a Tea Party

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The garden is a perfect place for a tea party when the weather is pleasant outside. I like to sip tea as butterflies flit around on the brightly colored flowers. This is an excellent time to introduce friends to the wonders of the garden as well. I don't like having a big table in the garden at all times, but bringing one out every now and then for a tea party is loads of fun.

4. Catch Fireflies

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I remember many summer nights of catching fireflies with cousins in my grandmother's yard. We'd see who could catch the most and place each one we caught in a wide mouth jar. Eventually we'd become too tired to capture any more, so we'd let them all go at once. What a beautiful sight!

3. Teach a Gardening Class

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I can think of plenty of people who don't know much about gardening, but who are more than willing to share what they do know. If you aren't interested in teaching a class on gardening, then maybe this could simply be a gathering of friends who want to share gardening ideas. Think of how much you could learn by inviting lots of people to this horticultural event.

2. Start a Project Just for Kids

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I think children should be introduced to gardening as soon as possible. This is the best way to instill in them the potential a garden has; aesthetics, food, jobs. Etc. Herbs grow fast and are great for kids to be able to see these plants go from seed to full-grown herb in no time at all.

1. Release Some Tension

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Pulling weeds can be a great tension reliever, but I like to find other ways to relax in the garden that doesn't involve manual labor. I have a cushy lawn chair that is light enough to carry out to the garden by myself, but sturdy enough that I don't have to worry about it breaking. So many outdoor chairs made of plastic are light and very flimsy. Sitting quietly in the garden is my idea of genuinely relaxing.

Maybe these activities will inspire you to come up with a few of your own. I like to involve neighbors, friends, family members, and whoever wishes to hang out with me in my garden. I think getting people acquainted with the aspect of gardening will eventually cause them to begin their very own garden. Are there any out of the ordinary activities you like to do in the garden?

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