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5 Tips on Taking Care of a Mimosa Tree …

Mimosas, being a tropical tree, still are able to be grown in most climates. However, if you life in an areas with severe winter weather, you might have better luck if you bring your mimosa tree indoors during the winter. Whether your new tree is planted outdoors or kept inside in a container, the following 5 tips on taking care of a mimosa tree should be useful.

5. Plant in a Sunny Location

Mimosa trees do very well in the sunshine. They will still grow in the shade, but not nearly as quickly or as tall. These hardy little trees don’t burn up in the sun like some other flowering trees might. Even though they have small and delicate looking leaves, they are still sun-loving trees.

4. Keep Dead Branches Trimmed Away

Most people let mimosa trees grow out in multiple directions and these medium sized trees tend to look nice no matter what size they are. Keeping the dead branches from accumulating among the living branches gives the tree a cleaner appearance. If you prune the tree regularly, you can make it grow fuller and not taller.

3. Water Often

Keep the soil moist around your mimosa and you will have one happy tree. These trees thrive in moist soil and do better when it is well-drained soil too. They don’t like to be in soil that is constantly saturated with water. Mix some sand into the soil to allow for better drainage if you live in an area where there is high clay content in the ground.

2. Rake up Spent Blooms

If your mimosa tree is placed close to the driveway, sidewalk, or in an area that is high in foot traffic, you’ll want to make sure to rake or sweep up the blossoms that have dropped. The fluffy pink flowers are filled with nectar, which is why hummingbirds flock to these trees. The stickiness of each flower causes them to adhere to concrete, asphalt, a wooden deck, or anything else it lands on.

1. Try to Keep the PH Level of the Soil Rather Acidic

The pH preferred by mimosa trees is between 4.5 and 5. If you do a pH test on your soil and find that the pH is much higher, add some sawdust, peat moss, or composted leaves to the soil so the pH will lower.

I hope you enjoy your mimosa tree. They are truly a beautiful plant and the blossoms smell heavenly! Which of these tips do you feel is going to be the most helpful to you?

Top Photo Credit: theroadhere

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